Extrajudicial Debt Collection

Out-of-court settlement, which is faster and less burdensome, precedes the judicial phase, thus allowing a rational settlement of disputes thanks to specific procedures adapted to the type of loan and the phase of recovery activity.

This method is particularly well suited for the protection of loans of the most recent and the least kind, which enables faster revenues and a consequent improvement of cash flows.

Teseo offers a specialized team characterized by an approach that is defined by fairness and reliability.

By working with ethics and professionalism and by solving the complaints, we redefine the relationships between the clients and their customers, which enables a re-establishment of business relations.

Teseo offers its services at variable costs, which are directly proportional to the result achieved and certainly compete with the costs that the creditor would pay for internal actions.

Phone Collection

The process of the so-called Phone Collection is indispensable to accelerate the time required for the recovery of loans and to compensate for risks. It enables maintaining good relationships with customers and improving financing costs.

Together with our partners, we are able to deploy over 1,000 employees dedicated to the phone-collection who will develop an effective and personalized recovery action based on processes shared with the creditor.

Advantages : low costs, immediate results, correct definition of the loan

Home Collection

A ramified network of Home Collecting staff operates throughout the country with the support of a specific internal structure. These employees review the true reasons for the delay, negotiate any installment payments and lay the groundwork for targeted litigation in the event of a disagreement.

The competence, the careful management, the consistency and the dialogue between the parties provide results that are of great interest to the parties.

Advantages : variable costs, quick measures, availability check, personal debtor knowledge